Providing and creating personalized solutions to meet each patient’s needs and goals through a comprehensive and compassionate approach.

Family Medicine

We specialize in a comprehensive non-emergency healthcare for people of all ages, integrating physical, biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to provide the highest quality of care at the comfort of one’s home.

Transitional Care

We ensure that all patient’s have a timely continuity of care, between levels of healthcare and across care settings, from hospital or any facility to home or from home to any facility. We are committed to provide a smooth transition from each phase of care to the next level.

Geriatric & Internal Medicine

Our highly trained providers have combined solid experience in gerontology/geriatrics (the aging population), women’s health, multiple chronic conditions, complex therapeutic regimen like wound care and behavioral counseling.

Preventive Care & Wellness Exams

We believe that maintaining wellness and good health is critical to your overall health. With the guidance of our providers we help you stay healthy throughout your life; this includes screenings, exams, tests and immunizations that identify health problems early on so you can take actions to keep them from becoming chronic conditions.

Mobile Laboratory Testing

Getting to a lab for important testing is not always convenient, in which case we offer a state-of-the-art mobile laboratory.
Benefits of mobile laboratory testing are:

  • It allows patient’s and facilities to add additional lab services quickly and is more cost effective.
  • There are no backlogs or capacity constraints that may exist in conventional labs.
  • Patient’s receive quality lab services without the wait in a traditional setting.

Mobile X-Rays, Echocardiology, Ultrasound and Dopler Studies:

Many patient’s require X-Rays, Echocardiology, Ultrasound or Dopler studies done as part of their treatments. These tests are crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of their condition.Home Base Healthcare Mobile Services provides convenient and cost-effective solutions for patient’s, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes. Our medical professionals are licensed and certified which guarantees a high level of service and also quick turnaround times.

Skilled Nursing/Home Health Referrals

Does your current company or facility require skilled nursing or home health referrals? Getting these referrals expedited in an efficient manner is key, not only for the patient health but also for your business. Our providers know the importance of assessing the patient and processing these referrals in a timely manner.

Medical Supply and Equipment Orders

Do you have the time or manpower to ensure your patient’s have the medical supplies and equipment they need? Let Home Base Healthcare help! Our team of providers will not only assess these needs, but they can also make sure that orders and delivery takes place in a timely manner.

E-Script and Medication Home Delivery

We know the importance of getting the right medication at the right time. Our Electronic Medication Prescribing system ensures an on-time medication refill and a convenient home delivery system.

Case Management / Coordinated Care

Our healthcare providers are committed to ensuring our patient’s get the right care at the right time in the right setting. With the combined diverse experience and specialty of our providers, we adhere to a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, and evaluation. Our goal is to provide our patients with comprehensive health that is shared with their families through communication and resources that promote patient safety, quality care and cost effective outcome.


Housing is healthcare. Home Base Healthcare offers several different housing options to fit a variety of patient’s needs. Finding appropriate housing for a loved one can be a daunting task, especially when the patient has special medical needs. Let the experts at Home Base Healthcare find housing for your loved one. We make sure every facility we recommend is not only medically and financially suitable for the patient and the family’s needs.